About Us

Affordable Medicines to the Patients and access to newer generics by the Patients and Health Care professionals.

At a Glance

Krypton Global Health is a young Pharmaceutical & Health Care Solution Provider company. Krypton’s Goal is to assure that Patients are getting high quality affordable medicines. Krypton Global Health through its Joint ventures, Marketing & Distribution alliances, Patient access programme, Shortages supplies etc., aims to cater all the medicines’ needs of the patients’ globally to meet ultimate health care demands.

Krypton provides its services to the Pharmaceutical companies who are constantly looking for launching newer generic molecules. Krypton through its associate companies facilitates Pharmaceutical companies in their Product development requirements, CRO related services, offering niche generic products to the Pharmaceutical companies through Licensing deals with and without supplies. Krypton is well known name in Medical Tourism service provider.


To cater Patients’ ultimate Health Care requirements and facilitate Pharmaceutical companies to bring more and more generic products in Market. Vision

Cater globally to the Patients to meet their Ultimate Health Care needs, through Joint ventures, Marketing Distribution alliances, named patient programme, shortages supply etc.

About Company

Krypton Global Health has been started in 2013 by the Professionals who had a long experience of more than a decade in Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry. Krypton Initially started as a Health care provider company with its’ limited services to Medical tourism. After gaining initial experience in Medical Tourism Krypton started looking to expand its’ services beyond Medical Tourism. In this endeavour Krypton started venturing in to Named Patient Programme to facilitate the availability of medicines for the Patients Globally.>

Now, Krypton Global Health through strategic alliances with in the Industry in various verticals with formulation development companies for product development, Pharma regulatory service provider companies, CROs and through own marketing and distribution of formulations in niche segment Products, Out-Licensing, of the available dossiers with partner companies, is continuously facilitating other pharmaceutical & Health Care Provider companies to introduce the new generic products in market so that the Ultimate Patients’ needs are met in terms of good quality medicines and health care services at affordable price.

Krypton Global Health ensures to support and expand its’ customers’ Product Portfolio in introducing new generic medicines and also to new line of therapy.

Krypton Global Health itself and through its’ Partner companies has been collaborating with in the industry for

• Marketing and Distribution Collaborations

• Know-how transfer – Products, Process, Developments

• Contract Manufacturing

• Finished dosage in niche segment

• Licensing in/out dossiers

• CROs