Marketing & Distribution

Krypton Global Health, is a well-known name in Indian Domestic Pharmaceutical industry for its efficiency in facilitating Marketing and Distribution of Pharmaceutical Products. Krypton, through its channel partners and network companies in domestic Pharmaceutical market provides best of marketing and distribution services to the Pharmaceutical companies who are looking at to bring their product in market and needs proper distribution of their products in order to reach to the end consumer. Krypton, is having speciality in doing both B2B and B2C marketing of the products. Currently Krypton is helping few cosmetic companies from Europe and US to bring their products in India to market and distribute. In this connection, Krypton, is providing regulatory services to register the products with DCGI and also building proper distribution structure and making marketing strategies to build the proper market for the principal’s products. On the other hand, Krypton, also introducing Pharmaceutical companies from India to Global markets in few niche therapeutic segment. Currently, Krypton, is working in European region, SEA and few of the African markets.

Domestic & International Market

Packaging & Distribution