About us

About Us


Krypton Global Health (KGH) is a dynamic Indian conglomerate encompassing a spectrum of medical products with a strong presence across the Globe! We strive to aim at becoming Global Leaders in Pharmaceutical Industry laying emphasis on Oncology.

We have a strong foundation, relentlessly involved in providing the highest quality of care to patients, customers and wider community with a clear focused Goal of assuring to deliver the best quality of medicines at affordable price.

KGH is engaged in oncology related therapeutic care, hence we understand the criticalities, sensitivities of cancer patients and offer a specialised blend of knowledge, patience, innovation, developing facilities and industry practice, all customized to ensure the highest level of integrated patient care

While our case management desk takes care of each and every necessity of your treatment, our Centralized Travel Desk is committed to take care of your post operative stay. We offer you the best stay options for your speedy and healthy recovery showcasing the best of Indian hospitality. The tourism element and the feel of India will be an added advantage for your attendant and family members. We ensure that you go back in high spirits and good memories.

Our Journey

With a unique understanding of the sensitivities involved with cancer patients, we offer a specialised blend of knowledge, innovation and industry practice, all tailored to ensure the highest degree of integrated patient care in full support of the Client’s/ Patient’s commercial needs.

We strongly believe that by “Investing in Time” we will become the global champions by fighting it, together with the patients, their families, and healthcare providers.

Our objective is to become global leaders by valuing our people and our stakeholders and business associates.

“Every day, we’re discovering new ways to make life better by creating more possibilities for more people through the power of health”.