Medical Tourism

Krypton Global Health started its journey with Medical Tourism itself. Krypton and its associate companies, operate with Multi-Speciality Hospitals, which provide secondary and tertiary health care to Patients. To deliver the best Health Care, Krypton and its associate companies have entered / Partnered with select number of medical specialist and private hospitals to offer the highest possible standards to patients.

Krypton and its associate companies has Partnered with those hospitals who have a dedicated International Patient’s division for smooth operational activities and perfect coordination with people worldwide. Krypton and its associate companies are operating with the Hospitals who have International accreditations like JCI, CCHSA, ASCHI, TRENT etc.

Krypton’s centralized travel management desk takes care of patient’s post-operative stay. Krypton offers the best stay options for Patients’ speedy and healthy recovery. Tourism element and feel of India will be an added advantage to the Patients’ attendant and family members.

Krypton’s case management desk takes care of each and every necessity in Patients’ treatment and also facilitates proper medicine supplies in order to ensure that Patients’ are getting all the prescribed medicine. Krypton is facilitating its services in Medical tourism dedicated in Oncology.