Shortages Supplies

Drugs shortages are Global Problem and can be defined as insufficiency in supply of medicinal products which makes it difficult for the suppliers to meet the demands at end level like Patients, Pharmacies, Hospitals etc. Resultant to these shortages Patients may need to switch to alternate therapies or medications which may cause adverse effects or may increase incidence of medication errors and may increase treatment cost for the Patients due to switchover to alternate therapies. Krypton, recognised this potential area of supply chain problem and started joining hands with many of the companies / distributors in Europe to recognize the potential shortages and the regulatory requirement in order to full fill these shortages.

On the other side Krypton through its Partner companies and joint ventures with many of the manufacturer and Pharmaceutical companies ensuring that the drug shortages encountered and demanded should be supplied well within the stipulated time. Krypton, is one of the few companies who is working actively in shortages supplies.