Systemic coaching!

Quiet new in India! A new direction, an abroad famous direction of psychology, the systemic therapie, comes to India with a specialist from Germany – Dr. Juliana Glöckler-Fuchs. Systemic therapy do not only work with the individual who faces problems, but goes back to the fact, that everybody is part of systems (family system, friends system, collegues system, classmates system,…..). When one person showes problems / symptoms, it showes that something is out of balance in the system. To bring the system in balance again, that is what a systemic couch is focusing on.


Our advisor has a rich global and diverse experience in the field of Systemic counselling, Mediation and Advisory on Family Disputes, Workplace conflicts or Cultural adoption issues.

Our Services:

Systemic Advocacy for Family and Maritial Disputes

Family and marriage are considered the two most significant insitutions of society. The preservation of family is essential for a society. And for the new generation it is fact: Behavior of children in this social era is driven by the family values.

Conflict in marriage however is inevitable. Whenever two people get together eventually some of the belief systems and personal habits of one will annoy the other, regardless of the degree of love. The marital problems occur due to unfulfilled basic needs, misunderstandings, alcohol addiction, dowry demand, ego problems, difference of opinion, just to mention some reasons. Thus, all the above complaints disturb the entire family. It also jeopardizes the future of children as family conflicts belong to the most painful events in their lives.

In healthy relationships, couples learn to accept and resolve a conflict. But it often takes a long way of learning and understanding, to reach up to this point.

Systemic coaching helps you and supports you in this learning process.

Within the family-system conflicts happen not only between spouses. Other well-known areas / sources of conflict are problems with children. Or the conflicts in living together with the joint family.

Systemic Counselling can play an important role to improve mutual understanding and healthy relationship in all of these fields.

Cultural adjustments issues

Do you belong to a group faced with issues concerning (your) life in two cultures? Then go on reading!

What kind of areas could these be?

- You are from another country and live and work in India.

- You live and work /study abroad and cannot cope with it.

- You do business on the international level.

- The partner comes from a different culture.

- In married life: The family cultures of the two families of origin are very different.

- In professional life: You are confronted with a completely new work culture

Often questions arise like

- What culture do I belong to? Where is my home?

- I feel completely uprooted.

- I can't get along with this culture.

- How should I understand this other culture?

- Why does the other react so differently?

- What can I do to bridge the intercultural differences?

- Sometimes I have the feeling that we speak two different languages ​​even though we are speaking in the same language.

- Sometimes I have the feeling that the other comes from another planet!

Do you feel that you need support to locate yourself correctly? And that you need support to understand properly? Then come to me! As a systemic coach with an extremely rich intercultural experience, I am the right person in supporting you to solve your problems.

Workplace/ Business Related Disputes

We spend a good percentage of our lives at work. The job in fact shapes our personality. In our job we work with people whom we did not choose, but who were chosen by others. The criterion for their selection was not their personality, but their professional qualifications.

Working life in corporates / organizations / companies has its own structure. It has his own work ethic and procedural rules. All of these things have potential for all kinds of conflict. Since it is so difficult to get out of your job and you have to spend so much time at work, it is beneficial to solve problems when they exist. Here too, Dr. Glöckler-Fuchs is the right person to speak with. She will support you to find your right answers. In doing so, in the field of profession she deliberately limits herself to interpersonal conflicts. She does not offer organizational advice, as this would require a whole team of consultants.

Fields of conflicts:

⦁ Interdependence/Task-Based Conflicts

⦁ Leadership Conflicts

⦁ Work Style Conflicts

⦁ Personality-Based Conflicts

⦁ Discrimination

⦁ Creative Idea Conflict

⦁ Difficulties with choosing the right career

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